I have a secret desire- I want to be a Fine Artist. Yes. I have actually wanted to be a fine artist my whole life, and then when I went to school they turned me into an illustrator. *(Which is not a bad thing, actually a good thing)
I love illustrating, and now I realize how much illustrating has opened my eyes and enhanced my skills to even better my fine art skills. But playing with a wacom or acrylics is just not as exciting.

There is definitely a smile and definitely still  a love love for illustrating. But I have a deep bonded reach for the stars, over the moon kind of love relationship with oil paints. Even the smell of walking into a oil paint, turpentine room can make me giddy- (and maybe a little sick)

So... I am excited to announce to myself and whoever out there reads this, that after years and years of waiting and waiting and waiting, I am going to join the Fine Art field. And it may be a very slow slow process as I still have a lot of obstacles in my way. Autoimmune and health issues.

Yes I will still be illustrating, Yes I still LOVE illustrating, and Yes this will be the hardest thing to break into with all that's going on in my life but I'm hoping it will work out.

 I've realized living completely without picking up an oil paint brush for the past several years is just adding to my sickness  Sooo.... we are working on figuring out a way (and place where I can paint)
I can't wait for the day to be posting Fine Art along with my illustrations. :)


Dena McMurdie said...

Good luck! You are definitely skilled enough. I completely understand your love of oil paint. There is something wonderful about oils.

Robin said...

Good Luck, Jennifer! You'll work it out and all your artistic dreams will come true! :)

Anthony VanArsdale said...

Beautiful drawing!

I feel the difference also between illustration and fine art. I'm hoping to make some transition myself, and agree with Dena and Robin above... You can do it!

Jenn said...

Thanks guys :) Anthony- good luck to you- you are awesome-I'm sure you'll have no problem doing that!