Folio Academy

We have awesome technology and web programs that allow artists to learn faster and at your own convenience  than any time in history! 

I recently came across Folio Academy-
There they have tutorials you can buy to learn different techniques or skills from pottery, fine art to digital art. Very cool stuff-  

Also I am a "Pinning" fanatic!  I have a whole account dedicated to art.Things that inspire me, help me learn etc...  And not to mention my ram isn't being overloaded because it's all online now.
Fantastic times my friends!

If you have no idea about any of these, I recommend you jump on board!

Via Pinterest


Dena McMurdie said...

I've used Folio Academy a couple of times. They have really professional and helpful videos. I was very impressed.

Claudio Cerri said...

Thanks for sharing! Anh congratulation for your works, I'll follow your blog!