Born Brave

Through a friend I recently came across the story of Katherine Nelson and her struggle to get into music- (which with her talent obviously wouldn't be hard to do) But God had something else for her to do before getting into music. She's inspired me and I am really excited about her new cd. It's Awesome- my favorite song is "Good for me"  About courageous  moms raisin boys and girls out there.  I'm always looking for new good music to listen to whilst I illustrate.
Her story helped me realize I need to be patient and when the time is right I can do what I love too-

"When we strengthen women, we strengthen the world. We are all born brave." - Katherine Nelson
Check out her music-


Robin said...

I'm so glad you posted this, Jennifer! I think that "being brave" and believing that you can do it all as a woman but Not necessarily at the same time, is so important to realize. I too am an artist with children. I was sometimes tempted as a very young Wife and Mother to take on projects that might be too demanding to balance w/ life at home. I don't think my career now, would be as satisfying if I had let my family opportunities/responsibilities slide then. The Lord has truly blessed me. I have it all :)

Jenn said...

It's true. Enjoy the moments, live life- spend time with family- babies grow up and then you look back and realize how precious quality time and memories are, not the number of paintings finished. :)

Beautiful artwork- thanks for sharing!