Happy New Years!

Hey all, it's been a while since I've posted. We are enjoying a new little guy around here :)
And seriously my children are the most amazing pieces of art I've ever created. He's honestly the cutest darn little thing you ever saw. I don't really have any artwork hung anywhere in my house because I have my kids faces plastered all over ;) - except for this piece done by Hala Swearingen that hangs in my hallway.
Here is a way to start off the new year for my artwork-
I did the cover for the January issue of the Friend magazine a couple months back.
It was such a fun illustration to do. I guess I say that a lot, but really this one was super groovy to work on.
I wanted the focus to be on the game at hand, and well when I play games I totally get into them. So of course the mom is totally going to win this one...

Have a happy fantastic New Years!


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