Guess what I bought?

So I dropped by Seagull book the other day because I hadn't been there in a million years. And I saw one of my favorite illustrations by Hala Wittwer for sale. It's a 20x30" and the list price was $149.99 and they had it 60% off down to $59.98. I don't recall ever buying a piece of art in my life! And so I did it!

It's supposed to be for my little guy's bedroom (which doesn't exist at the moment because it's being used as a storage room) but it sits in my front room where I can view it and say to myself "I thoroughly enjoyed splurging my budget on this piece."
Hala was actually one of my teachers in school, and I absolutely loved her classes. I especially related to her style. My style use to be a lot more tight and realistic. However while I was in school I worked my wrist to death that I "picked up" the carpel tunnel syndrome, which Hala herself deals with. So in order to keep my hand from falling off it's wrist, my work consists of 99% digital, with a BIG wacom which helps my strokes to be wider rather than the small monotonous little hand strokes.

Isn't this a Work of Ark?? *har *har =)

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Lately I've been doing some more fine art here and there because I get those little cravings that explode deep down in my soul that I can't help................... I'm an addict to art.
If I couldn't draw with my hand, I'd be drawing with my feet!!!!!!! ( I've seen it done!)

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James L Johnson said...

I remember seeing this when in her children's book illustration class! Good times. Love it.