Children's art

Here's a look into part of a project I completed recently.
This project was really fun for me. I got to repeat the same character a lot and it got me sooo excited. I really want to Illustrate a children's book. I know I will someday. I just don't know when. But I WILL! *positive energy is running through my blood right now.

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Speaking of children's books, have any of you seen or read the book "Pingo" Illustrated by Brandon dorman?
It is my son's all time favorite book. He loves it. He could look at it all day (But then I'd have to sit with him to make sure he kept it in perfect condition). In fact he gets so excited to turn the pages, he ripped one! I about cried! ok, I didn't actually cry (honest).... but I have this thing with children's books. They're like treasures. I've got a collection going, and well Pingo was one of my favs. too.

Anyways enough of my sobbing, go check it out!


Jeremy Elder said...

Excellent job - you will do a great children's book!

Shawna said...

Haha!! I have that same problem with children's books. I'm a little obsessed and I have a whole bunch of my own special children's books that are kept out of reach of my children.

Your illustrations look fabulous! Great job!

roberta baird said...

Lovely work!
Yep, Liv and I share our children's books!

Jose Ramos said...

Very nice blog Jenni , i really like your art.

see u!

Anthony VanArsdale said...

Fabulous work, Jenifer! Awesome expressions on the boy - he has an real animated feel about him!

Anthony VanArsdale said...

"a real animated feel" but you know what I mean.