Girl with the Beautiful Smile

Ok so I am finally posting some of my art.
This one recently came out in the New Era magazine for March 2011.


Eric Scales said...

A beautiful smile, and a beautiful illustration Jennifer!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Eric :)

sarah said...

Hi Jennifer.

Sometimes my blog posts get buried and I don't realize there are new comments. Anyway, I just noticed your comments on my Mother Gothel post about being a working Mom and I just wanted to thank you for posting it. I think we are in really similar places. I like what you said about once thinking that being a mom might diminish how much you cared about art. It's so true that no matter how much you love your kiddos, your creative side doesn't go anywhere and it's tough to find enough time in the day for it all. :)

Anyway! Thank you again. And this illustration is really lovely too. I like how it's framed, and the colors are so appealing.


Kaylyn said...

Wow! I know that I haven't met you before, but I loved that illustration when I first saw it. :)