BYUtv - Iris: James Christensen

BYUtv - Iris: James Christensen

I watched this documentary type thing on James Christensen. Loved it, so insightful and loaded with inspiration. :) But I've always been a huge fan of his work. I get goosebumps when I learn about some of the symbolism he uses in his paintings.

I know I haven't posted in a while. I've been working on some ideas for my own fine art paintings as the oil paint is just screaming at me to come visit. I will try and post some work soon. :)

*Did you know that I originally did fine art until I was at college for a while and a professor introduced me to illustration? Heck, I didn't even know what the word illustration was honestly.
And although I LOVE both, fine art has always captured the deepest part of my soul.
Would you like to see some fine art produced by me?
What artists both fine art or illustrators inspire you?


Anthony VanArsdale said...

I'd like to see some fine art!!! I've been hooked again lately myself.

John Calvin said...

I'd like to see more of your fine art, and thanks for the info about the James C. Christensen documentary.

Inspirational artists? Rockwell, NC Weyth, Leyendecker, JCC Christensen, William Whitaker, Emily Gordon, Arnold Friberg, CF Payne, the Brothers Hildebrandt, John Howe, Alan Lee, Frank Frazetta, Howard Pyle, James Gurney, Jordu Schell, Leon Parson, Marshall Vandruff, Scott Gustafson, Tom Richmond, Tony DiTerlizzi, Petar Meseldzija. The group from the "Muddy Colors" blog is quite fascinating and very current.

alison said...

Jenn!! I stumbled on your blog again after much time... You are such an amazing artist (and mom, and friend, and everything else at that!). Seriously amazing. I agree, you should definitely post more of your fine art! I remember some of your fine art stuff from High School, also amazing!