For Illustration Friday I was going to draw an Indian, however when I was sketching from some cool old photos, I was drawing this Roman dude and thought "Um... you've got to be pretty brave to wear that thing"........ (that or insane.)
Maybe I'll post an Indian later.



. justin segal said...

great story! I was thinking of drawing an Indian "brave" too — and then I went another way myself. You're right — wearing those skirt things is brave! ( I guess it's a case of "when in Rome—")

Adam Foster-Fahy said...

Great characters, you have a very confident and relaxed control over figure drawing. Such a shame you didnt get a chance to lay any colour down on them, have been through a few of your past posts and you are a very gifted painter.

Nancy Bea Miller said...

I think the short toga (or whatever) is a very cute look which will someday come back into fashion, especially now that guys have lycra bike shorts to wear underneath. ;-)

You draw beautifully!