More Sketches from Idaho!

These were way fun to do. I did them while I was up in Idaho this last weekend. My aunt is the top left picture, she is in her mid 50's and still looks like she's 27. Anyways I just think she's gorgeous.


julie crews said...

Wow. I want to be like your aunt! If she is anything like your drawing, she is indeed beautiful. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. What a pleasant suprise. Listen, speaking of your family, do know a Kenna Tolman-- sister or cousin maybe?
Pretty random, sorry. Thanks again for your comment.

Nathan Lindsay said...

these really are great. you draw nice eyes.

Shawna said...

Thanks for going to the BYU Alumni show and looking at my art. Were you at the reception? If you were, I'm sorry I didn't meet you. Maybe I'll see you at a critique group sometime?? Love your sketches, beautiful lines.

.:CHAOSBOY:. said...

Nice sketches!! :D

Anonymous said...

You work is really stunning. So gentle and beautifully drawn.

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A long time friend of mine Ruth McNally Barshaw tagged me and asked me.

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1) I am an extremely neat person except in my studio where the rules of neatness always fail. When I work on art I just have lots of stuff laying everywhere.

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"Maggie" said...

Wonderful sketches. Having family in Idaho, I at first looked for familiar faces. :)