How to add texture to your brush in photoshop

So maybe I'll get a microphone someday so I can talk while doing any videos- However this is a silent film. Kind of boring but if you pay attention you can learn how to apply texture to your brush if you don't know how.

I usually start out by taking my texture in Photoshop and making it into a "pattern".
You do that by selecting 'edit' then 'define pattern'.

When that is complete you can open your brushes folder and selecting 'texture' and selecting the arrow on the right side of the texture box to select your new pattern or any other patterns that are there.

An important key is to also make sure that the 'other dynamics' selection is checked. That will make it so that you can apply little pressure or a lot with the wacom pen and thus showing your pattern.

You can pay close attention to the boxes I do have selected in the video if you want to replicate a similar brush that I had on the screen.

Hopefully you can understand this very quick tutorial-

Click on the texture to enlarge-

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