I really need to get on board and start posting some stuff-
Life kind of gets busy with kids, and then add health issues and other life
stresses on top of that and it leads to not being very productive.....

I've been working on a painting over a long period of time-
trying to get a paint stroke in here or there when I have the time-
I'll post the full image when I complete it- maybe I'll show a glimpse of the process as well.


And look at these new little babies!-
Child '1' was so excited to see his seeds turn into sprouts and now into plants-

And last but not least, I was reading this post by Will Terry and he wrote down some excellent advice for you illustrators out there trying to figure out what to charge- It's a great read- (I know. I'm on this "let's post other peoples posts" kick lately) But it's too great not to share :)

I promise myself I'll start posting my own garb soon. See ya.

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