Wow I haven't updated in a while. Probably because I
was having an AWESOME Christmas break!
I'm posting a sneak peak into my boys room and the Toy Story Mural
I had been working on off and on since we moved in our new place in Oct.
It looks almost complete... I'm still planning on adding Lightning Mcqueen
and the Army jeep in two of the driveways as well as some telephone poles that
will connect to the birds.
But he is all moved in now that the fumes are gone and I am in my new office! YAY!

My boy is a buzz freak. LOVES him to death.
This was his Christmas :)
(My husband waited in the awful black Friday lines to get him this
$12 buzz!) He loves it!


Shawna said...

This looks so great!! I want to do something like this in my girl's play room. I want to talk to you sometime about what kind of paint you used, because I'm not really sure where to start with the large format.

Jennifer said...

It was fun to do a themed room =)
You can totally do it Shawna! I planned it out in thumbnails first, then drew it to a larger scale (don't worry about the messy pencil stuff, you can erase super easy with a kneaded eraser- or it will get painted over) I used regular wall paint. Just started collecting the small jars at home depot of the mismatched stuff until i got primary colors and greens and browns etc... And I used some craft paints (acrylics) when I needed specific colors I couldn't make myself. (They are fine, just very matted down)