Late night sketch

Well I'm working late tonight again on my job. Here is ONE of the MANY rough-final sketches I have been doing. I realize this sketch is nowhere near perfection yet, and it's buggin me not to finish it tonight and make darker outlines on some of the foreground people. These have to be in full color pretty soon.... I sure hope my baby doesn't plan on getting up early tomorrow like he normally does. =)

I like to listen to Michael Buble' while working. Does anyone else besides me think he has the sexiest voice?
He just does.

I'm addicted to some of the old fashioned stuff.
I like the Carpenters as well.


Shawna said...

I always listen to Michael Buble. He always cheers me up. I always try to play his songs around my hubby because I think they are so romantic, but he doesn't really like him. haha, oh well. I love oldies too!!

Calista said...

What a fun piece Jen! Can't wait to see the color on there! I'm more of a Ingrid Michaelson or Bob Marley kind of girl. Non of that mushy stuff for me - I would have been a great hippy!

Alison said...

This is beautiful. Must have been so much work! DO you color on computer?

Jennifer said...

@Alison, Yes I do color on the computer :)