I was asked to answer some questions for a student doing a report on occupations, and she chose to do it on Illustration. Thanks Kaylee for the questions! Here are some of the questions...

Do you do your drawings at home? Does it work well while raising a family?

I do work from home. I have my own room that I use as an art studio.
It's kind of tricky being a mom and trying to work at the same time. (I think I do more of the mom thing right now). But balancing both is something you just have to work at, and since I love art so much, I have a desire to balance both.

What media do you personally use? What media and/or style do most illustrators usually use?

When I illustrate I usually draw my pictures on paper, scan them in and paint it on the computer using Adobe Photoshop and a waccom pen. It's easier for me to do it digitally, then I don't have to clean up any paint messes.
It's really up to each illustrator and what their preferences are to different medias. Usually it's Acrylic, Oil paint, Digital or Watercolor.

How did you get this job and what education is helpful or required?

In school I learned about illustrating and all the things that go with it. When you try to get a job as an illustrator you will send a portfolio of about 12-15 pieces. Every piece needs to look like the same style so that when the publisher hires you, they will know exactly what style they are getting. Art school involving illustration classes is the best education for this area of art.

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