Well I just finished reading Fablehaven 1 and 2. I suprizingly L-O-V-E-D these books. I thought they'd be silly kids books, no way am I thinking that now. In fact I might have to BUY the third just to read it as soon as possible (the others were library owned, and I'm number 77 on the waiting list for the third. Also each person can keep it for a month. ). It also made me try to imagine what certain creatures would look like exactly and how I'd create them with my art. Very mind engaging I thought. I'm going to have to check out Brandon's Candy shop wars now.
I decided to read Fablehaven because of a conference recently, and Brandon was there telling us about how his creative mind works and a little about the stories and it caught my curiosity. Now I'm hooked. And.......... the Art-work is especially great, I'm a huge fan Brandon! (the other Brandon)

And some tragic news for me. I have a little device such as the one above, where all my precious things are stored..... portfolio pdf pieces, (my WEDDING pictures), photo references for my art, and all other photographs of my entire family life! And guess what? It crashed.... but the worst part... (this is the kicker) I didn't store any of those things anywhere else. (Now kids, you can learn a lesson from this!)
Now I'm going to need to contact the company and see if I can reclaim my LIFE> literally.
So... if you feel so inclined.. you can pray for my hard drive~!


Shawna said...

Jennifer, I totally feel your pain. I had a Mac Mini which I got in 2005- go figure, macs are supposedly supposed to be reliable. My hard drive crashed too. We had to buy some software called "Disk Warrior" for $100, which luckily was successful in getting all my files off the Mini and putting them on an external hard drive. I am still waiting to buy a new computer (this happened last fall), and have to use a lap top with no room on it's hard drive. Pooh! At least I was able to save my files, because that was scary. So, I wish you best of luck in being able to get your files off. That is definetly scary and no fun. :(

Ken Chandler said...

Sorry for your luck. If you take the drive to a repair shop, they often can retrieve the information and burn it onto CD Discs, for a price. At any rate, best of luck.

Your work looks incredible too.