Almost done!

I'm very excited that I'm almost done! The finished product will have some fun little extras, you'll just have to wait and see. Like I said in a post a while ago, i'm not a "designer" and will never claim to be one, so there isn't any cool borders or fonts, but as far as the layout and design of this piece goes, what do you think? Someone had mentioned more books scattered on the floor and also to add more animals (I haven't gotten to that), I only added the two books, I didn't want it to seem too cluttered, but I'm open to everyones ideas. I also got rid of the huge book pile, it just didn't look too great I thought.


Eric Orchard said...

This is great. Is it digitally coloured?

Jenn said...

Thanks Eric, yes it is colored digitally, however i'm trying to get better at making the digital look like it's done traditionally. :)

David Theriault said...

looking good.
i agree, you don't want it to look cluttered, but i still think it can maybe use even just one other little critter besides the bunnies on the book, just so that they don't look so isolated... possibly.
And I might push the hint of glow/light from the book a little... but keep it subtle. I like wondering whether the book is magical, or if the girl has a great imagination... or perhaps both... :)
And think about the standing bunny's ears. they are very symmetrically positioned, and criss-crossing... it does give them a neat 'light-and-whispy' feel, but I find myself looking at them more than I should be.