New York!

This past week I was in New York on a "art trip". It was a blast! My fellow colleague's and I went to visit some publishers, art reps, well known illustrators and a whole bunch of other sites you can only see in the big apple. We went to publishers such as Harper Collins, Tor, Penguin, First Second, and Illustrators Brett Helquist and Brad Holland, we went to the Met, Museum of Natural History, the Broadway play Les Miz. (AMAZING!)

Starting from left: (very back) David Theriault; Lucas Steadman (second row) Ashley Smith; Walter Reed; Josh Stewart (next row curving) Brittany Whited; Me; Robyn Huffaker; Holly Larson; Tricia Marshal (front four kneeling) Becca Scholes; Tyler Davis; Wade Huntsman; Jessica Hymas.
visited Brad Holland, and got a sneak peek at some of the things he's working on...
And his rad studio.

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Mike Laughead said...

Sounds like you guys enjoyed your trip as much as we did. That is awesome that you got to see Brad Holland. You are so lucky. Besides "The Wadester" (you can tell Bro. Huntsman that I said to call him that) and Becca Scholes I don't really know anybody else. Now I feel old.